A landlords “favorite” phone call “no hot water”

The main mission of Buffalo Niagara Landlords is to bring together property owners for the common good of the community.  This includes collective buying, government advocacy, but also simple “Stories of Landlording” as we all have shared at one point or the other in the “joys of landlording”  The first in this series is a classic: Enjoy!

Whether you’re an owner occupant, a part time landlord, or the property manager of a huge complex, if you’ve been doing this a while, you’ve received the dreaded “No Hot Water” call (or text in this day and age).

After doing this a while I developed a simple sequence of steps to avoid problems:

1. Ask the tenant if they smell gas and/or hear a CO detector, if yes exit building alert other tenants and call 911 and then the gas company.  (this of course is fortunately not that likely, though it happened to me)<

2. If everything seems ok (no gas smell etc) have them check the stove (if gas) the simple questions "Does the stove light" answers the next most likely culprit, the gas is shut off.  I have this happen many times to tenants who don't think that will really happen, and one time, the gas company shut off the wrong unit!  So people paying their bill all along woke to a cold shower.  So please make sure the gas company or you label the meters!

3. Stove lights, still no hot water…. now what?  Well now it sounds like you're heading over there (or sending your property manager over there).  Don't call a plumber just yet as it could be something as simple as a blown out pilot light or relatively simple like needing a new thermocouple.

Of course we will all experience the joys of replacing a hot water tank at some point or another, whether you hire this our or do it yourself, it almost always starts off with the "No Hot Water" phone call.

If you are looking for a great plumber check out our “Great Contacts” page

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